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Sissy Training and Discipline

Posted in kiss my boots, punishment dress, whipping on July 6, 2010 by sissytraining

I had my Sissy give my bedroom a good clear out tonight and I was surprised what was found. I never imagined I owned so many kinky toys. Amazing what you buy over the years when you own a Sissy. Though there are so many things I must re-buy due to overuse! (snigger)

Recently, I took my Sissy shopping and bought him a ‘gorgeous’ dress (okay it is the most hideous dress I’ve ever seen on sale in Primark). Of course, I refer to it as the ‘Punishment Dress’ . I  love telling the Sissy to put on the ‘Punishment Dress’ then whipping and spanking the Sissy until I get bored.

Sissy Training is such an important part of our daily life and having a well disciplined Sissy means I live a happy and contented life. However, Sissy Training and Discipline is an ongoing process and CANNOT stop for if you do, your hardwork will be for nothing and so it must happen daily without fail.

Though my Sissy annoys me sometimes, I could not do without them – afterall,  who else would I have to worship & kiss my boots?